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Q:  What if my child gets home sick?


A:  Homesickness is most commonly felt when campers have the least to do, which of course is normally the exact moment they choose to write home!  If you get a sad
message please respond by doing two things quickly.  First, respond to them letting them know that you understand they miss home but are also proud of them for their growth at camp.  Secondly, call and let the camp leader know.  Chances are that we will be aware that they have missed home, but we can also speak with their tent leader and work with you to help us be able to help your camper.


Q:  What will my child eat?


A:  SELCC serves a wide variety of meals that are well-balanced, camper-friendly, and nutritious. Most meals times take place in our dinning marquee prepared in the very well equipped fully functioning kitchen whilst some lunches take the form of a packed lunch at the day out activity to ensure greater activity enjoyment.


Food Allergies
SELCC works closely with parents of campers with food allergies to provide tasty alternatives to ensure a positive dining experience during their time at camp.  Please be sure to note any food allergies on the Medical Form.


 Q:  May we see camp before my child comes for their session?


A:  SELCC publicity team have a number of photos and video footage coming soon that will be available to look through.  Additionally the team would love to come and present details of the camp site to your church or group. It is a great opportunity to see what happens at camp and some of the activities that we do.  Why not have a look here to see a typical day at camp.  Alternatively you can send any further questions you have the publicity team who will gladly answer your questions.


Tours of the site may in some circumstances be possible however once the camping season begins the availability of the site for these will be restricted to allow camps to take place.


Q:  How long will booking-in and collection take?


A: Arrangements must be made by yourselves for a responsible adult to accompany the camper to the camp site to check in on the first day and ensure that all paperwork has been correctly completed.  Allow about 30 minutes for this and to help your child unpack but do not worry – a cup of tea and refreshments will be available upon arrival.


Q:  Do you allow tent mate requests?


A:  While we do our best to honour tent mate requests, we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted.  SELCC make every effort to provide positive tent dynamics for the entire tent.


Q:  How do I give permission for someone else to pick up my child?


A:  Campers will be released only to the parent/legal guardian. If you need to have someone else pick your child up from camp, you must agree this in advance with the camp leader (details will be provided in your camping pack details), please note photo I.D may be required in these circumstances from the adult collecting the camper.


Q:  Will laundry service be available during the camp?


A: No. Please ensure that your camper brings enough clothing to last for the duration of the camp.  In extreme circumstances provision may be made however the attached list of what to bring to camp gives great guidance.


Q:  What is the selection process for the camp staff?


A:  Prospective camp staff go through a comprehensive process which includes a background check (CRB), an individual camp helper application form, required written references and meeting with one of the camp Leaders prior to them attending camp.  Many of the camp helpers are repeat returners who have been coming to help on camp for many years and even attended camp themselves as children!


Q:  How are tent arrangements made?


A:  Campers are assigned to tents according to their age and requests for tent mates that have been submitted – additionally we look at trying to group small groups from different areas to help team bonding.  If your camper is new and doesn’t know anyone else then don’t worry – we will find a mate for them and they will very easily settle in with the others….  Or why not encourage them to bring a friend or 2 with them


Q:  How much money should I send for my camper?


A:  SELCC send out information on recommended amount of “pocket money” suggested for each camp, the figures are just recommendations based on the program that has been planned, of course you can decide how much to send them with but the suggestions are a great guide rather than sending your camper with large amounts that they may lose or spend all on sweets!  A camp “bank” is provided on site and it is strongly recommended for each camper to put their pocket money in to if they wish and they can withdraw this at times throughout the camp.


Q:  Do camp fees have to be paid all at once or can I pay in instalments?


A:  You may pay out camp fees over a period of time.  All fees should be paid in full by 31st May. Contact your SELCC bookings correspondent for questions regarding payments and balances due or alternatively contact the bookings officer from the committee team page.


Q: Can I submit the Medical details separate from my camper’s other forms?


A:  Final medical forms are sent out with your details pack after booking.  These must be completed in full and brought with you on arrival.  Note campers will not be permitted to stay on site without a completed medical form.  Trained first aiders are on all SELCC camps so all information must be provided on the form to ensure that relevant first aiders are prepped and your campers needs are catered for.


Q: What if my question hasn’t been answered above?


A:  No problem, just send an e-mail to the secretary or post your comment here on our wall and we will respond quickly.  If it is relevant to all others then we will upload it on to this page too!


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